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Fazenda Rio Verde is a large farm of 1,566 hectares while lies between 700 and 1,000 above sea level. 260 hectares of this farm sits above 1,000 metres and is spread across several peaks, they are separate in 32 'glebes' (plots). All plots are placed across different altitudes, contain different soil composition and are of different sun facing directions as well. For this specific offering, Round Boy Roasters has secured greens for a limited run from their Plot B66 (only 8.78 hectares) for this excellent fruity bean.

Bean Story

Ipanema Gourmet has been producing innovative and creative coffee since 1870s and took this further step in 2018 with the development of their Premier Cru range, a selection of very small batch, handcrafted lots from the highest altitudes of Fazenda Rio Verde. It is 100% Yellow Bourbon varietal of the Aura Magna vintage of which its first batch in 2018 took 15th place in the Cup of Excellence 2018 awards.


This coffee was selectively hand-harvested and then processed during the Dry Anaerobic method. Post harvest, the cherries were fermented for 217 hours and then dried on raised beds for 437 hours.


Marmalade Mouthfeel, Black Sesame Body and a Honey and Nutty Finish. Creamy Rum and Raisins on coffee with milk.

Origin Name: Ipanema Premier Cru Aura Magna B66 Raspberry Gold
Fazenda Rio Verde
Yellow Bourbon
Processing: Dry Anaerobic and dried via raised beds
1,080m to 1,160m above sea level
Town / City:
Alfenas & Machado
Region: Sul de Minas, Minas Gerais

Brew methods: V60, Kalita Wave, Moccamaster, Lili Dripper, Torch Mountain Dripper, Hand Brews, Kyoto Drip, Cold Brew.

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