Drip Bags -*New!

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This a trial run for our very first drip bags of 10g each, here are our first offerings - on a first come first served basis and available in bundles of 3, 5 and 10, mixed based on availability:

  1. Sweet Nectar
    Succulent nectarines, Tangy grapefruit, and Golden honey, with a syrupy body and nutty finish.

  2. Rwanda Umurage
    Starfruit, kiwi, unripe papaya and guava

  3. Frupta Tropicana
    Lemon, lime, medium body and cane sugar finish

  4. Elixir #6
    Pomegranate, jackfruit, dried mango, syrupy body with a cocoa finish

  5. Kenya Kayu
    Red grapes, plums with sugarcane notes and an umami finish

Instructions for use:

Pour 130 to 150ml of 92C hot water into the drip bag.