Jelly Jam

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Jelly Jam is an Ethiopian from Shaakkiso.

As we run out of our all-time favorite Guji Hambela (and Dark Eclipse), we have been on the hunt for awhile for a suitable replacement. Jelly Jam gives a different perspective as it brings the all-time favorite blueberry flavor from the Guji and combines it with blackberry to give a jammy sensation. 

Best used for filter and a great floral espresso

Overall: Blueberry and blackberry jam notes with a ripe prune mouthfeel. Silky body. Notes of ripe peaches when cool. Juicy acidity.

Roast level: Medium 

Brew Methods: Very versatile, good with all brew methods, especially bright on pour over and filter, fruity and floral.

Origin Name:  Ethiopia - Guji Shaakkiso Tima (Natural)
Sookoo Coffee
Local Landraces and JARC 74
2,000m to 2,178m 
Town / City:
Suke Quto
Region: Oromia, Guji, Shaakkisso


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