Guatemala La Reforma (Single Origin)

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Our highly popular Guatemala Single Origin series is restocked with the Guatemala La Reforma. We love our Guatemalan beans, highly versatile as it goes well with coffee making methods like French Press, Hario Mugen, Chemex and makes great espresso based drinks like the usual long blacks and lattes.

Overall: Floral, cinamon, brown sugar, stone fruits, dried citrus peel, and apricots as it cools

Roast level: Medium 

Brew methods: French press, drip, cold brew and espresso milk based drinks

Origin Name: Guatemala La Reforma
La Reforma y Anexos
Processing Fully Washed and dried on raised beds
Altitude: 1,400m to 1,800m above sea level
Town / City:
Aqua Dulce, Cuilco
Region: Huehuetenango, Guatemala


Please select (ground coffee) when choosing your intended coffee bean purchase if you would like us to grind it for you. Please also leave us a comment in your check out cart to let us know the brew method and grind size you need it in.

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