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Worka is an Ethiopian Coffee from the Gedeb Worka town in Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia. 

The Worka is part of the 3 beautiful ethiopian coffees that RoundBoyRoasters is featuring, together with the Kochere (Limey) and the Shakkisso (Jelly Jam).

This will be the lighter bodied and more fruity coffee of the three. We have enjoyed it tremendously on espresso but it is the perfect coffee to wake to - gentle and delicious. 

Best used for filter and a great floral espresso

Overall:         Raspberries, Apricots, Wild untreated honey and Black Tea. 

Roast level:   Medium 

Brew Methods: Very versatile, good with all brew methods, especially bright on pour over and filter, fruity and floral.

Origin Name:  Ethiopia - Yirgacheffe Gedeb Worka G1 Natural
Mr. Abreham Dori / Primrose Service Provider PLC
Local Landraces and JARC 74 selections
2,100m to 2,300m 
Town / City:
Gedeb Worka, Kebele
Region: Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia


Please select (ground coffee) when choosing your intended coffee bean purchase if you would like us to grind it for you. Please also leave us a comment in your check out cart to let us know the brew method and grind size you need it in.


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