Aram Espresso Maker

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The ARAM Espresso maker is a hand made, portable espresso maker that uses no electricity or capsules. This totally manual experience of making espresso is suitable for customers who are seeking uncompromising espresso on-the-go or if you have a small bench space for making coffee and are looking for something with a small foot print. 

This product is manufactured in Brazil within a chain of local craftsmen with high levels care for quality and precision. As this artisanal product is built to order, your purchase will require patience. Average build time is between 1-2 months. It's well worth the wait though for this very limited run portable wonder.

Within your purchase, you'll receive:

1 Aram Espresso Maker +
1 Steel Support
1 Shot Glass
1 Tamper
1 Double filter basket 53 mm
1  Naked Portafilter
1 Tool Driver supporter

We highly recommend self pickup so that you can arrange a complimentary session on how to use and get the best out of your new Aram Espresso maker!

Please note: Colour shown for the different variants (Reddish/Brownish/Yellowish) is based on most recent shipment of Arams. We are showing you the actual pictures so that you can have a closer look on what you will be receiving when you purchase your uniquely hand made Aram. As these are handmade products made from actual wood from different trees and hand milled steel, Aram Brazil embraces the concept of the Wabi Sabi philosophy, each individual Aram that you receive will be perfect with its small imperfect look but will not compromise your coffee making experience.

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