Eureka ORO Migon XL

Sale price $1,400.00 Regular price $1,420.00

MORE BIGGER, MORE BETTER! Our favourite espresso grinder with the XL upgrades YOU deserve!
If you're looking to upgrade your grinder to something that will see you through, look no further....
  • 65mm Burrs -  Diamond Inside Burrs *Patent Process Wide-format flat burrs for fluffier consistent grinds
  • Matching motor calibrated for the bigger burrs
  • Stepless micrometric regulation system (patented by Eureka), with larger knob and vertical measurement scale for a greater ease of us!
  • Programable Dosing - 2 settings for smoother workflow 
  • Compact & Powerful- With the same footprint as the rest of the Mignon line, the XL come in slightly taller than the rest of the Migon range
  • Silent Technology - it's really QUIET
  • ELR System (Extremely Low Retention): the development dedicated technological solutions ensures extremely low coffee retention (+-0.2g)
  • ACE System (Anti Clumps & Electrostaticity);
  • Migon Mat Kit Included
  • Made in Milan - Each Mignon XL is built by hand in Milan, Italy

If you're just starting out, we'd recommend getting the Specialita first :) For those who know what they seek.... look no further :)