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Grown in the well-known Yirgacheffe region of Ethiopia, this coffee comes from a collection of smallholder producers in the microregion of Halo Berity and processed at the Nenke Washing Station. Our recent favourite coffee for amazing filter brews on the origami and kalita. We welcome the adventurous and experimental to try this on espresso based drinks.

Overall: A delicate and floral coffee, with hints of mandarin oranges, peaches, jasmine and a grapefruit finish

Origin Name: Halo Berity Yirgacheffe Grade 1
Halo Berity Yirgacheffe
Processing: Fully Washed
1,983 meters above sea level
Town / City:
Halo Berity, Chelbesa
Region: SNNPR, Gediyo, Gedeb, Banko Tatatu


Please select (ground coffee) when choosing your intended coffee bean purchase if you would like us to grind it for you. Please also leave us a comment in your check out cart to let us know the brew method and grind size you need it in.

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