Lelit Bianca V2 - DEMO SET

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Bianca V2 Espresso Machine

Until now, flow profiling has been exclusive to just a few commercial-grade machines. With the Lelit Bianca you get precise flow profiling in a dual boiler espresso machine designed for home baristas. It sports a PID, shot timer, silent rotary pump, and the ability to be direct plumbed or run on its internal reservoir. All this makes it more than a full-fledged flagship espresso machine. The included real walnut accents are just icing on the cake.

What's new in V2:

  • Increased maximum steam boiler temp for faster, better milk steaming
  • Instantly enter stand-by mode by holding both PID buttons for 3 seconds
  • Reserve mode which allows you to finish pulling your shot when the reservoir runs out
  • View true boiler temp by pressing the right PID button

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