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Grown by Jairo Arcila at Finca Santa Monica, in the Armenia, Quindio region in Colombia, this microlot is 100% Castillo. The Castillo varietal was developed by the Colombian Federation of National Coffee Growers who wanted to create a more productive varietal to the Caturra that is resistant to coffee leaf rust.

Bean Story

Jairo Arcila brings great expertise as a third generation coffee grower and he bought his first coffee farm, Finca La Esmeralda in 1987, where he planted his first Caturra lot.  He was fortunate enough to earn money by producing coffee while also working full time for the local exporter. Jairo slowly managed to secure five additional farms. First Villarazo, then Mazatlan, Santa Monica, Maracay and Buenos Aires. 


This coffee was fermentated via dry anaerobic methods for 24 hours and later placed on raised beds until 18% moisture content is achieved. The coffee is then placed inside grain pro bags again for 50 hours and later left to dry on raised beds to 10.5% moisture content. Upon drying, the coffee is placed inside rum barrels for 20 days.


The resulting notes are clearly notes of whiskey. Overripe apricots, cinnamon notes come with a spicy oak finish. We get a malty finish in milk drinks but we love it in ice blacks for a refreshingly bright drink.

Origin Name: Natural Castillo Rum Aged Jairo Arcila
Farm: Finca Santa Monica
Varietal: Castillo
Processing: Dry Anaerobic, Rum Aged
Altitude: 1,450m to 1,500m 
Town / City: Armenia, Quindio
Region: N/A

Brew methods: V60, Kalita Wave, Moccamaster, Lili Dripper, Torch Mountain Dripper, Hand Brews, Kyoto Drip, Cold Brew.

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