Solis Barista Perfetta Plus

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THE PERFETTA PLUS RETAILS FOR $888 on a pre-order basis.

Whether you're just starting out, or you're already brewing coffee at home, this machine is amazing for its SIZE & PRICE. The boys are THRILLED to be bringing Solis to the #RBRLOVIN fam!

 The Barista Perfetta Plus is a compact elegant machine enabling you to customize your perfect cup of coffee. This compact appliance requires only little space, making it perfectly suitable for even the smallest kitchen. A product developed with a passion for coffee to get the best out of every single coffee bean. The perfect tool to create coffee as a real barista does. 


Rocking Features

Integrated Manometer - The manometer makes it easier to check the extraction pressure for a well-balanced cup of coffee.

360¬į Steam / Hot Water Wand¬†-¬†Use the hot water function to prepare an Americano, Longblack or other hot beverages.

Coffee in 40 seconds - This machine is ready to use in just 40 seconds and provides a perfect, stable brewing temperature.

Professional Steam Wand - Create the best latte art or a delicious cappuccino by frothing milk with the professional steam wand ** ITS TRUE THE FROTHING ABILITY IS 10/10**

Low-Pressure Pre-Infusion - Freshly ground coffee is first gently moistened at low pressure to prepare it for an even extraction.

Energy-Saving Mode - Selection between 3 automatic stops and energy-saving mode to save resources.

Weight 5.7 kg
Height 32.1 cm
Width 18.7 cm
Depth 37.2 cm

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The Perfetta Plus pairs beautifully with the Eureka Migon Manuelle, which is coming SEP. Chat with us to find out more on our BUNDLE deal!