Solis Scala Zero Static *Pre-order*

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Probably the most BANG FOR BUCK GRINDER with ZERO STATIC Technology

The grinder Solis Scala Zero Static features 24 different grind settings and conical grinding burrs made of hardened stainless steel that effortlessly grind whole coffee beans. Its advanced ZeroStatic technology offers many benefits: by eliminating static charge of ground coffee, the waste of ground coffee is reduced, enhancing dosing consistency/precision and leaving your kitchen counter tidy and clean. The low speed of the double reduction gear unit allows for particularly aroma-friendly grinding.

Our recommendation for a value for money grinder for all coffee types except for espresso. You can still use this grinder to produce coffee grounds for espresso machines that come with a pressurised basket.

Grinder Truths

  • 24 Grind Settings
  • 300g Bean Container
  • ZeroStatic Technology
  • Stone Damage Protection¬†
  • BPA Free Parts
  • Overheating Protection¬†
  • Start Stop Button - Easy operation
  • Premium Conical Burr


    Weight 1550
    Height 28.5
    Width 13.5
    Depth 17


    Find out more about the grinder here!