Sweet Nectar

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We are excited to present Sweet Nectar - our medium dark interpretation of the Mexican Alejandro Martinez Marsellesa (fully washed).

Ideal for espresso-based beverages, we adore the rich, velvety texture of this coffee, complemented by delightful hints of nectarines, grapefruit, and honey, which culminates in a satisfying nutty aftertaste.

Overall Notes: Succulent nectarines, Tangy grapefruit, and Golden honey, with a syrupy body and nutty finish.

Origin Name: Alejandro Martinez Marsellesa Fully Washed
San Alfonso, San Jose, La Chiripa
Processing: Fully Washed
1,200 metres above sea level
Town / City:

Veracruz, Mexico


About the Farm and the Region:

Veracruz, Mexico was where one of the Round Boys spent a few drunken nights on. While he was there, he discovered a beautiful and significant port city for Mexico, known for its excellent Carnaval parades and Ceviche Veracruzano. Behind the backdrop of this maritime and festive town, lies a coffee farming industry that has deep heritage since the late 18th century.  It is believed that the cultivation of coffee in Veracruz was initiated by Spanish colonists who brought coffee plants from Cuba and other Caribbean islands. The state's lush and mountainous landscapes, along with its fertile volcanic soils, provide ideal conditions for coffee cultivation. The altitude ranges from 800 to 1,200 meters (2,600 to 3,900 feet) above sea level, creating a favourable environment for coffee plants to thrive.

Within the sub-municipality of Xalapa-Coatepec of Veracruz are the farms belonging to the Martinez family. They come from 5 generations of growing coffee and today the brothers of Alejandro and Juan Jose Martinez Anaya are in-charge. They are an innovative duo and have developed resilient varietals that are able to withstand the current threats faced by producers in Mexico.

During the harvest, after careful handpicking of cherries, they are submerged in a tank of water to sort for quality and remove the floating cherries. Once sorted, the cherries are then de-pulped, removing the external pulp from the coffee seed. As soon as the coffee is clean, they undergo a dry fermentation for 8 - 10 hours in a regulated temperature of 10 to 24 degree celsius. A centriflux is then used to remove the remaining mucilage and surface water from the seed. The coffee is then dried mechanically in drums for 28 - 36 hours. As soon as the ideal moisture content is reached, 10 - 10.5%, the coffee is bagged, rested for export.

The Martinez family works hard to ensure that they continue to produce high quality coffee in a sustainable manner for the environment and their employees. 

Please select (ground coffee) when choosing your intended coffee bean purchase if you would like us to grind it for you. Please also leave us a comment in your check out cart to let us know the brew method and grind size you need it in.

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