Timemore Black Mirror - Basic Pro Weighing Scale

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No matter where you are, the new 2022 Timemore Black Mirror Basic Pro weighing scale is perfect for your brewing requirements albeit at home, the office, camper van, cabin in the woods, or tent in the sand.

Featuring multiple upgrades, the Basic Pro can now measure flow rate, has improved sensor accuracy and responsiveness, as well as a longer battery life.

Beautifully modern and minimal in design, the digital weighing scale is also compact and feather light, fashioned with high quality acrylic, and comes with a clear LED display that only lights up when in use. A silicone mat is also included to protect the scale from heat and spillage, also easily removable for rinsing. 
  • Physical on/off button
  • Touch control
  • Ideal for pourovers and fits under portafilter of most espresso machines
  • Maximum load of 2kg and 0.1g¬†accuracy (minimum 0.5g for sensor to detect)
  • This version includes a flow-rate meter and an automatic timer function which¬†activates when it senses a change in weight
  • Upgraded lithium battery that can last up to 24 hours when fully charged via¬†the Type C USB port
  • Auto switches off after 3 minutes of inactivity to conserve battery life
  • Brightly lit and easy to read LED display that¬†switches off when scale is not in use
  • Dimensions:¬†15.25cm x 12.95cm x 2.54cm
  • Weight: 380g¬†