Origami Brew Recipe for Rwanda Umurage

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Preby at Homeground coffee brewing competition

Here's a coffee brewing recipe from Preby Pastor.
Click here to purchase the Rwanda Umurage Lot 15 that he is using.

About the Bartista:

While Preby is our newest member to the Round Boys, he is also the most competitive. He caught the competition bug since his first chat with us before his iced aeropress competition in 2021.

To him, the best cup of coffee is the one that you like.

About the Recipe:

With the Rwandan Umurage Lot 15, Preby’s recipe seeks to achieve a balanced coffee that is fruit forward. If you enjoy hand brewing light roasts and aim to remove sourness and a hay-like finish, this could be the approach for you.

He has proposed a non conventional 1:13.8 ratio but welcomes you to use 1:15 or 1:16.67 to discover a more expansive flavour profile. 

Equipment Origami Dripper - Size S
Ratio 1: 13.8
Coffee Dose 18g
Brewing Water 250g
Grind Size

Medium/Coarse grind, around the consistency of sea salt

Timemore C3 Hand Grinder (19 - 23 clicks)

Bentwood Vertical 63 (810 - 830 microns)


Setup your Origami dripper and filter paper as you would normally do, pre-wet the filter paper to remove some of the papery taste. Warm your mug with hot water, discard the water. Add the ground coffee and ensure it is level before pouring.

Pour Instructions:
Pour 1 @ 0 sec add 50g
Pour 2 @ 30 sec add 100g
Pour 3 @ 1 min add 150g
Pour 4 @ 1.30 min add 200g
Pour 5 @ 2min add 250g

Approach for each pour structure: 30g (circle) + 20g (middle) = 50g total
Last pour: do a small swirl

Let us know what you think about this recipe!