Frequently Asked Questions


  • Roasting happens on a weekly cycle depending on demand. Ideally, we'll let the coffee beans degas for at least 48 hours, plus a few more days rest before being packing for delivery / pick up. If a particular coffee runs out ahead of schedule, we will roast and send out a fresh batch to minimise wait time.
  • Roasted coffee is considered extremely fresh if received between 2-8 days after roasting. We do not recommend brewing coffee only 24-hours after it has been roasted. This is considered too fresh and not within the aging parameters we recommend for our coffee - minimally 48-hours, better after 5 days, optimally with 2-3 weeks rest. 
  • Read this for more information -


  • Freshly roasted coffee beans are typically degassed for 10-15 days before it is optimal for consumption. Degassing refers to the beans releasing carbon dioxide as well as developing flavours during that period

  • While there are individuals that prefer ultra fresh beans (roast day 1 to 5) and there is no wrong in that, based on testing (we drink a lot of coffee) and feedback from customers, our roasted beans taste best between day 10 and 30, and are fresh up to 60 days for most brew methods, 45 days for espresso, and 20-25 days for pre-ground coffee

  • If you would like to order coffee from our most recent roast without degassing, just leave us a note at check out or inform us via the chat widget on our website - we’d be happy to oblige if available!


    *We use third party courier services and the delivery schedules may differ slightly depending on the vendor engaged.

    • Our packing days are on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and the orders are shipped out the next day (Tuesdays, Thursdays, following Mondays as couriers do not pick up packages on weekends). 

    • Shipping typically takes 1-3 days from courier pick up, with the occasional delay during peak season or when there are multiple public holidays.

    • Example: If you place an order on Tuesday or before 6pm on Wednesday, you should receive your package between Friday and Monday, barring any unforeseen delays. Orders placed before Friday 6pm should be delivered between Tuesday and Thursday.

    Help! I need my coffee urgently, what do I do?

    We are here for you, to the best of our ability. Let us know when you need the coffee and we can:

  • Get our courier’s help to expedite your delivery (additional costs apply)
  • Arrange a GrabExpress for same day delivery (additional costs apply)
    • Book a locker for self-collection ( available 24 hours and free!)

        Will I be notified when it gets shipped?

        • Once your order is booked for shipment, you will receive an email from us with a tracking link to the delivery status. You may also receive a separate notification from the courier company.
        • Please reach out to us via our chat widget if there are any concerns regarding your delivery and we'll get back to you as soon as we can

        I am buying coffee/equipment for a gift, how do i make sure it gets delivered in time?

        • If your gift is to reach your recipient by a specific date we recommend you place your order at least a 7 days in advance and leave us a comment at checkout, or chat with us via the chat widget on our website

        • If your gift is to reach your recipient at a specific date, please reach out to us via our chat widget to arrange a Grab / Lalamove delivery for that day (additional costs apply)

        • If you are not able to order in advance, or have any last minute requests, please reach out to us via the chat widget on our website, to check if we are able to fulfill your order for self-collection at our lockers, or delivery via Grab (additional costs apply), provided that we have the specific coffee beans or equipment in stock.

            Do you do international shipping?

            • Yes, we can ship to certain countries, but coffee is a restricted item for shipment to Indonesia and the United States. Please check if coffee is allowed to your intended destination before you order.

            Why do you charge upfront for a subscription and what makes it worth my while to subscribe?

            • It costs us a lot of money to implement an application that will link up with a payment service to charge you monthly. We would much rather put that money into buying better beans for our subscribers.
            • We see the subscription as a very honest exchange, money up front so we can secure your greens in advance to help us make better purchasing decisions in exchange for a clear 15-20% discount off rack rates on our coffee beans. 
            • If you take our most expensive beans and multiply that by the quantity of deliveries you want to subscribe to, you'll see the value is in your favour.
            • Subscribers also often get premium and unlisted coffee beans from us, not to mention loads of free samples and merchandise, ask any of our loyal subs. :)

            How does my subscription work? Can I pause it?

            • Upon selecting of your preferred volume for your 12 pack subscription, go to the comment section before the payment page and indicate your preferences there, we will handle the rest!
            • When you want to start your subscription
            • How often you want it
            • If you require it grounded, what is your preferred coffee making method
            • Received some coffee beans from family and friends? Trying out a new roaster? Going on vacation? Too much coffee and would like to take a break for a little while? Or just want to take a break? No need to cancel. It’s easy to skip one or more shipments, just go to and contact your coffee concierge. 

            I’m on the 12 pack subscription; What beans will you be sending? Are they different every time?

            • It’s entirely up to you! You can have the same of your favorite coffee (Milkyway wink* wink*). Or you can tell us your preferred coffee profile and we will be sending coffee beans that meet your taste. Otherwise, you can go entirely “Omakase” aka “we decide” and let us surprise you with not only what’s on our offerings but also our experimental blends or new beans that we selfishly keep for ourselves (but you know we are #RBRLovin so you get it too)


            Is this coffee ground? Will you grind my coffee?

            Our default offering is coffee as whole beans, it is our belief that this is the best way to ensure your coffee stays fresh and delivers the flavor that we have created for you. Freshly ground coffee is a sensory joy that we want you to experience daily, we encourage you to give it a try!

            If you do not own a grinder, we are constantly find good deals for grinding equipment and listing it up for your #RBRfans or even better, contact our Coffee Concierge so that we can have a conversation of what would be the perfect grinder for your needs.

            If you are not up for fuss, we are more than happy to grind it for you. Please choose the ground size you need by referencing this table and indicate in the comment box on your preferred grind size or brew method, we will handle the rest!

            Do note that ground coffee oxidises at a faster rate than whole beans. So you might experience a bag thats a little inflated from degassing if we sent it to you within 60 hours of roast, or it may start to taste less fresh after 20-25 days because it's preground.