Who are the Round Boy Roasters?

Round Boy Roasters was started by four friends from varied backgrounds, shaped by their love of coffee and its complexities. What started as a caffeine dependency to fuel the daily grind, soon sprouted into a serious appreciation of the nuances each bean origin, varietal, roast profile, and brewing methodology brings to the palate.

When the rapid accumulation of coffee paraphernalia started alarming family members, the round boys decided to take the plunge (french press pun, not toilet humour) and share their love of the bean with fellow coffee enthusiasts and caffeine fiends of all levels.

Whether you are an instant coffee (gasp) reformist, cold brew comrade, percolating percussionist, espresso expressionist, latte artist, kopi kommander, or anything in between, we intend to share indiscriminately what we spent months testing and developing (we're still doing so) to produce the bests coffee beans in Singapore.

Every cup of coffee is the culmination of hard work by many in the laborious process of planting, harvesting, processing, exporting, roasting. While only a tiny cog in the wheel, we hope to do our part by making freshly roasted coffee available and accessible to all.

Support your caffeine habit and our product development journey by ordering coffee beans freshly roasted with love in Singapore, or coffee brewing gear with delivery to your doorstep today! Or just chat with us to find out more, we nice.