Delter Recipe for Santa Monica

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Credits to grip89 for beautiful photo

Discover the brew equipment of the month presented by our esteemed brew master, Alec Featherstone. We're thrilled to introduce the Delter Coffee Press as the newest addition to Round Boy Roasters' brew bar, and it has quickly become a beloved choice among our talented baristas for crafting consistently clean and effortless brews. This innovative device empowers you to seamlessly apply no bypass techniques to your brewing process, guaranteeing you extract every delightful nuance of flavor from the coffee bed. Don't miss the chance to elevate your coffee experience with this exceptional tool.

Feel free to drop by to our cafe to talk to our barista about this exceptional brewer, we are happy to take you through it if you are keen to own one.

About the Bartista:

Alec is our in-house flavor extraordinaire, constantly immersed in the art of dreaming up and crafting innovative presentations for our delightful coffees. As the mastermind behind our brewing operations, he brings his passion to every aspect, whether it's handling massive batches for our ready-to-drink bottles or skillfully preparing a delicious and robust Kalita brew. Alec's dedication ensures that each cup we serve is a masterpiece, delivering an unparalleled coffee experience to our cherished customers. These days, he has found a huge interest in brewing coffee in the outdoors, with minimal equipment, which is why he has recently gravitated to the Delter Coffee Press, with its built-in gauges, one can make precise brews without bringing a scale.

About the Recipe:

With the Santa Monica, from our Black Series collection, Alec seeks to achieve a clean, fruit forward coffee where you can identify the amazing notes of whiskey, overripe apricots and a spicy oak finish.

In additional with Delter Coffee Press, he has also attached DIF (Delter Infusion Filter) to ensure an even cleaner cup.

Equipment Delter Coffee Press with Delter Infusion Filter
Ratio 1: 16.7
Coffee Dose 12g
Brewing Water 200g, 94 to 96 degrees celsius
Grind Size

Medium/Coarse grind, around the consistency of sea salt

Timemore C3 Hand Grinder (14 - 17 clicks)

Bentwood Vertical 63 (600 - 650 microns)


Pour Instructions:

- Assemble your Delter Coffee Press, make sure the Delter Infusion Filter is attached.

- Open the Coffee Chamber by unscrewing the bottom cap and leaving the brewer in an inverted manner. Load 12g of Santa Monica Coffee in Medium/Coarse ground.

- Pre-wet your filter paper and add to the bottom cap, screw back the bottom cap to the brewer and install the plunger.

- Put the Delter Coffee Press in an upright position and add 200g of water into the chamber.

- Pull the plunger and push in 20g of water to allow for a pre-infusion of 30 seconds. If coffee is freshly roasted, allow for 50 seconds of bloom instead.

- You can then execute a 2 stage press, slowly press 90g of water through and stop for 20-30 seconds, before completing the final press of the last 90g of water.

- Enjoy amazing cup of coffee.

We are excited to hear what you think of this recipe!