What we are trying to do

Continually teach customers what we know

When you buy coffee from Round Boy Roasters, you don't just transact with us. We form a life long relationship with you, investing our time through whatsapp conversations, in-store workshops, personalised recommendations honing your coffee brewing theory and practice to refine the cup of coffee you make for yourself and loved ones. 

Continually enhance our craft so we become the best

A day in the life of a coffee roaster in Singapore is not as simple and effortless as it appears to be. To produce the best-tasting beans in the biz, ones that bring immense pleasure to people, there are a lot more to the daily grind than one can ever imagine. As passionate local coffee roasters in Singapore, we have spent years perfecting our craft with the goal of delivering only the best quality speciality coffee to our customers.

We see roasting coffee beans as an idyllic blend of art and science; a careful and calculated dance that is perfected by extensive experience in this game – which we are absolutely bursting with. If you are looking for coffee roasters that serve taste-kicking coffee in Singapore, Round Boy Roasters is the place to be!

Continually produce new and exciting coffee bean blends

With our fine beans, coffee becomes a lot more than just a drink. It evolves into an experience for your senses in every single cup.

Ultimately, we aim to create the widest selection of highly customised single origin roasts and truly unique blends. 

While some coffee roasters may outsource their roasting to factories, we maintain every aspect of the roasting process in our shop to control the quality of our product.

Ask us about our specialty coffee

A good cuppa is hard to come by! Have a question or two about our coffee beans and gears? Reach out to our coffee concierge or check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page.