Cold Brew Delivery in Singapore

Enjoy a refreshing cold brew coffee whenever you want. Round Boy Roasters offers a la carte or subscription cold brew bottle delivery services across Singapore. Our popular batch-brewed ready-to-drink (RTD) coffees are great for those who need their caffeine fix on the go. Stockpile your fridge for the work week or order en masse for your birthday bash, wedding favours, or next MICE event. Have a steady supply of  ready-to-drink specialty coffee at your fingertips when you order online with Round Boy Roasters.

What's special about our cold brew coffee?

At RBR, our specialty cold brew is prepared via the Kyoto Drip Method using the Brew Bomb, a specialised brewer. This process of active cold extraction - slowly filtering water through a bed of ground coffee: produces a brighter, cleaner, and sweeter brew. Using patented technology to manipulate water movement and the extraction process, the resultant  cold brew has exceptional clarity and a crisp acidity, almost akin to fruity wine.

Cold Brew Online from Round Boy Roasters

Order Your Cold Brew Online from Round Boy Roasters

We’ve developed eight different cold brew coffees to date and are always updating our product range to include the latest crop of single origins. Our bottled cold brew coffee offering is diverse, corresponding to the varied tastes of the Singaporean coffee drinker. Our assortment of single origin cold brews showcases unique and unadulterated origin characteristics while catering to different palates.

  • White Widow - A white cold brew of Brazilian single origin with dairy milk and a minimal amount of sugar for that tinge of sweetness. Savour notes of vanilla, Irish cream and tiramisu in every sip (without the alcohol).
  • Velvet Oat Mocha (dairy-free) - An insanely delicious concoction of Brazilian single origin coffee, oat milk and drinking chocolate from Victoria, Australia. Rich and velvety dark chocolate goodness with a hint of mint.
  • Drk Mlk - Brazilian single origin coffee brewed black but with a curiously creamy taste reminiscent of milk. Nuances of peanut butter and silky smooth chocolate milk, sans actual dairy. 
  • Kochere - Ethiopian single origin cold brew with beguiling notes of bergamot, lemonade and peaches, with elements of elderflower, berries and nectarine.
  • Shaakkiso - Ethiopian single origin cold brew, a perennial favourite with refreshing and juicy hints of peach, blueberry and blackberry jam. 
  • Santa Teresa - Mexican single origin cold brew featuring notes of pineapple, guava, cashew nuts and brown sugar. 
  • Elixir#6 - This single origin from Papua New Guinea has surprising bursts of jackfruit, pomegranate and dried mango.
  • Coffee Concentrate - Maximum woke at full strength. Dilute to taste with milk or water, this cold brew has the rich aroma of hazelnuts with a pop of caramel sweetness.

Our specialty coffee and cold brew creations have varying shelf lives. The milk-based products can last up to a month if kept well-refrigerated, while the black coffees can keep for 3 months if kept chilled. We do recommend consuming them as soon as possible to experience the origin characteristics at their best. 

How to purchase our specialty coffee and cold brews?

You can grab-and-go from our cafe near Tiong Bahru, or order them on our online cold brew store and have them delivered to you anywhere in Singapore through our express courier. 

Should you want us to stock your office pantry or buy in bulk for a MICE event or wedding, contact us at

If you’re a home barista looking for beans, why not try our online coffee subscription? Get a regular supply of some of our best single origin and blends. Who knows? Maybe you can even create your own cold brew adventure at home!

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