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About the Farm/farmer

Denis Valenzuela (aged 43, shy and seldom photographed) has a beautiful 2.7 hectare coffee farm with a family of 5,500 trees which are well taken care of and lovingly tended to. Denis' journey into coffee began simply - by planting and nurturing a few seedlings, as well as shouldering the costs of maintaining them alone.

Even though not keen on coffee quality competitions, Denis is super committed to enhancing the soil's productivity with regular cleaning and fertilising, and is on a mission to raise the bar for Panamanian coffee.

Creativa Coffee Distict

CCD is a group of forward-looking coffee creatives in the Chiriquí province in Boquete, Panama. They work with specialty coffee farmers in the same region and encourage them to let CCD take over the processing. By transforming a traditional wet mill and drying patio into a modern state-of-the-art processing facility, CCD pioneers unique processing methods that result in new coffee production standards, higher incomes for growers, and sustainable ecological practices.


Dynamic cherry undergoes an anaerobic fermentation in cherry for 96 hours in large blue tanks with air traps. This process allows the release of gases accumulated during the fermentation, which promotes the growth of yeast and lactic acid bacteria. This meticulous process produces a coffee with a profile of red fruits, silky and round body with a malic acidity.


We taste green mangoes, passionfruit, dark cherries, Peruvian raw chocolate, and a juicy body. Take note to lower your brew temperature and coarsen your grind size relative to a normal processed coffee. Anaerobics are more soluble and are easy to over extract.

Origin Name: Denis Valenzuela
Farm: Denis Farm
Varietal: Catuai
Processing: 96 hr Anaerobic, Dynamic Cherry (CCD)
Altitude: 1,600m 
Town / City: N/A
Region: Panama, Boquete

Brew methods: V60, Kalita Wave, Moccamaster, Lili Dripper, Torch Mountain Dripper, Hand Brews, Kyoto Drip, Cold Brew.

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