Ethiopia Gomoro Guji

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The Round Boys are extremely excited to have an Ethiopian Guji in rotation again! If you have loved the blueberries bursting from the previous Guji Hambela, you will find this an exciting proposition as well.

About the producer / region:

Guji is part of the Oromia region in southern Ethiopia, next door to Gedeo Zone (SNNPR) where the famous Yirgacheffe micro-region is located. This steep, green area is both fertile and high, with much of the coffee growing at 2,000m and above. 

In rural Ethiopia, families grow cash crops like coffee and food for their own consumption in areas from 0.5 to 1.5 hectares. It takes a dedicated supplier washing station owner like Primrose S.P. PLC to gather, partner and work with these small holder famers to ensure quality and cultural practices on the farm. Agricultural officers are deployed to ensure the fertility of each land with sustainable farming practices. They are working towards their Rainforest Alliance and UTZ certifications. All in all, this is no easy feat, Primrose ensures this level of quality by paying above market rate on the kilogram of red cherry and building an infrastructure of mill collection points that are within 5km of producers' homes. A round of sorting the cherries happen here before they make their way to the wet mill.

At the mill, the cherries are sorted for quality, removing any under or overripe cherries. After sorting, the cherries are evenly dispersed on raised beds to dry in the open sun for 19 ‚Äď 21 days, or until the moisture content reaches 10 ‚Äď 12%. The cherries are regularly moved to prevent mould growth. Once dried, the cherries are delivered to the dry mill to be hulled and prepared for export.¬†

Overall Notes: Black tea & blueberries, creamy chocolate with caramel aftertaste.

Roast level: Medium roast

Brew Methods: Great for filter, especially Origami, V60, Kalita. You can try it with the Aeropress and Delter as well. It presents bright flavours on espresso and a pleasant fruity cup on milk based coffees.

Origin Name: Ethiopia Gomoro Guji G1 Natural
Farm Owner:
Various small holder farmers (Washing Station Owner - Primrose Service Provider PLC)
74110 and 7412
Processing: Natural
1,668m above sea level
Town / City:
Region: Southern Parts of Ethiopia Oromia, Guji


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Coffee is a seasonal product and we strive to provide you the best from what each region can provide and the taste profile may vary from time to time. Please note that the customer reviews may be referenced to past crops.

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