Finca Dora Nicaragua

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We are excited to present this new coffee from a new region that has a turbulent yet triumphant history in coffee. Nicaragua is known for its beautiful lakes and volcanoes but its country has been strife with conflict, natural disaster and instability. Its coffee industry banded together to create the industry it has today, producing fantastic gems like the Finca Dora Nicaragua.

This gem of a coffee is from Daniel Nunez Finca Dora, a coffee farm with more than 35 years of history and is in its 2nd ownership. The farm is in the highlands of Jinotega, surrounded by thick vegetation, mango, citrus and Musaceae trees. Agroforestry systems are created to promote biodiversity within the region and have created a natural barrier to soil erosion and providing the coffee trees with shade and natural fertiliser.

Coffee is versatile on espresso and milk based drinks. Filter Coffee hand brewers who enjoy coffee with a heavy body should give this a try.

Overall: Stonefruit acidity, molasses, heavy body with a chocolate and prune finish

Origin Name: Daniel Nunez Finca Dora
Farm/Mill: Finca Dora
Varietal: Parainema
Processing: Natural
Altitude: 1,050 meters above sea level
Town / City: N/A
Region: Jinotega


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