Honduras Cascaritas

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Honduras is a Central American country with a 3,000-year-old Mayan culture, beautiful diving spots, with tropical weather that enriches its lush flora and fauna. While Honduras is mountainous, it is the only country in Central America without active volcanoes. With everything going for it, it is also a coffee growing country.

Moises Hidardo Hernandez is a fourth generation coffee grower who runs the farm with his mother, Delmy Hernandez. They oversee Finca Cascaritas which is situated on the eastern reaches of Honduras, bordering Guatemala and El Salvador. Moises helped found CAFESMO, which represents over 280 coffee growers to export excellent speciality coffee around the world. You can read more about Moises and Delmy's story here.

Don Moises loves to experiment and have been preparing micro-lots since 2015, at times with new or barely known varietals, or different processes, such as anaerobic fermentation with different types of bags and tanks.

With this coffee, we seek to showcase a cup that is versatile on espresso and its milk-based counterparts as well as on hand brewed filter coffees.

Overall: Red apple juiciness with toasted almonds, apricots, candy-esque finish with a light, syrupy body.

Origin Name: Honduras Cascaritas
Farm/Mill: Finca Cascaritas
Varietal: Catuai
Processing: Anaerobic Honey
Altitude: 1,250 meters above sea level
Town / City: Mercedes
Region: Ocotepeque


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