Rwanda Nyamurinda

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Featuring our first coffee from an all women-owned farm, we are happy to present this exquisite and delicate Rwandan beauty by the Nyamurinda Coffee Growers.

About the farm:

Following the tragic loss of their entire family during Rwanda's 1994 Genocide, the two sisters Francine and Immaculée, in a remarkable display of courage - returned to their ancestral land to establish a coffee plantation. Over time, Nyamurinda flourished, expanding its operations to include the Karora washing station. Today, the company not only processes specialty coffee from its own plantation but also sources from local smallholder farmers in the surrounding area.

The coffee that the Nyamurinda team processes grows at high altitudes of between 1800 - 2000 meters above sea level. The terroir that the farm sits on is near the Nyungwe National Park along with mountains that form part of the Nile-Congo watershed and boasts a deep sandy loam type of soil that drains well and provides the ideal conditions from which this coffee sprung forth.

Guided by the conviction that empowering women economically leads to prosperity for the community, Nyamurinda is 100% owned by women, where 86% of the workforce are female and 77% of the coffee farmers that they work with are women.

Overall Notes:

Floral nose with a light starfruit body, hints of yellow raisins, plum, white tea. Highly enjoyable over filter and exemplary as an iced brew.

Roast level: Medium

Brew Methods: Specially roasted for filter, especially origami, V60, Kalita. You can try it with Aeropress and Delter as well.

Origin Name: Rwanda Nyamurinda
Farm Owner:
Nyamurinda Coffee Growers (Francine Nyiramana and Immaculate Mukamana)
Red Bourbon
Processing: Fully washed & sun dried on raised beds
1,800 to 2,000m above sea level
Town / City:
Nyamagabe District
Region: South West Rwanda


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Coffee is a seasonal product and we strive to provide you the best from what each region can provide and the taste profile may vary from time to time. Please note that the customer reviews may be referenced to past crops.

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