Lelit Bianca V3

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Meet the Lelit Bianca V3, a meticulously designed and expertly crafted dual boiler espresso machine straight from Italy. This sophisticated espresso wonder empowers home baristas with an array of capabilities to enhance their coffee brewing experience. With the Bianca V3, you can take charge of your coffee extraction like never before.

What's New in the Bianca V3

Lelit has given a facelift to the beloved Bianca, and the result is the impressive Lelit Bianca V3. This latest version offers several exciting improvements, including faster warm-up times, an electronic low flow mode that effortlessly simulates various extraction profiles without the need for manual paddle adjustments, and the introduction of four distinct power modes: "always on," "sleep mode," "eco-mode," and "stand-by mode."

Unveiling the Lelit Bianca V3

The Lelit Bianca is a finely-crafted espresso machine, meticulously designed in Italy. It boasts a dual boiler system, a dependable rotary pump, an E61 group head, and features a built-in PID controller and shot timer. This versatile machine can be directly plumbed or run using its integrated water reservoir. One standout feature is its unique flow control paddle, which allows you to fine-tune your coffee extraction precisely to your liking.

Who Will Love the Bianca V3?

The Lelit Bianca V3 is tailor-made for the home barista who is passionate about delving deep into the world of espresso. If you're the kind of coffee enthusiast who craves full control over your brewing process, this machine is your perfect companion. With the Bianca V3, you can ramp up the pressure, eliminate channeling, and consistently achieve flawless extractions. While it may not be a commercial powerhouse, it's ideal for serving your group of friends with delectable cappuccinos and espresso shots once you've perfected your unique recipes.

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