Timemore Electric Kettle - 600ml

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Timemore Electric Kettle

This is the end game kettle - the perfect harmony of style & functionality. Probably the big brother of Timemore kettles - with all the fantastic features like the signature gooseneck spout for smooth & consistent pouring, anti-scalding handles, plus all that good looking genes. 

IN ADDITION, the kettle allows you to quick boil in a short amount of time, retains & maintains the water at your desired temperature and allows you to control the temperature by merely just SLIDING YOUR FINGER on the console, accurate to 1 degree C. 

The boys have had our fair share of kettles - this one really takes the cake for us. Design and Functionality - 10 out of 10. DO IT. 

Convincing reasons to buy this kettle...

  • 3 minutes to boil
  • Warming function for 1 hour
  • Temperature control
  • Boil dry protection
  • High accuracy; shows actual and target temperature
  • No switches, just slide your finger to¬†set the temperature¬†
  • Press left¬†button for 1.5 seconds to boil
  • Anti scale, dual walled lid
  • Hidden cable
  • 1000W
  • 600ml¬†

If you're getting this kettle, you'd probably don't need us to recommend you any products. 


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