Timemore Chestnut X

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A beautiful luxurious hand grinder born out of the collaboration between Timemore and Espresso Gear(Sweden), the Timemore Chestnut X is a 30g capacity hand grinder that gives you excellent performance and consistency.

Awarded the Good Design Award 2020, the Chestnut X is a Revolutionary grinder.

Machined from a single piece of Aluminium alloy, the grinder has perfect alignment to be able to produce consistent particle grind sizes.

The Patented S2C burr is a 42mm Stainless Steel built to resist wear and tear and anti-rust. The (S2C) Spike to Cut design is Timemore’s way to achieve a more consistent grind which is important for the extraction of coffee.

The Double Wheel adjustment allows a 24 grind adjustments and an additional fine 5 steps micro adjustments.

The foldable long arm handle makes grinding easier then ever.

This Grinder is suitable for Espresso to French Press Grinds


What is in the box:

- TimeMore Chestnut X Coffee Grinder

- Carrying Bag

- Grinder Brush

- Instruction Book



- Patented S2C Burr 42mm - Spike To Cut - Stainless Steel (SUS440) Wear & Tear and Rust Resistant

- 24 Main Clicks with 5 micro adjustments, total of 120 grind settings

- Dual Stainless Steel bearings for smooth and stable grinding

- Foldable Handle for space saving and still allowing a long handle for grind leverage

- The Main Body (Squared for better grip), Grind Cup and cover is CNC from a single piece of Aluminium. The rest of the parts are Stainless Steel. Holds 30-35g of beans

- Grinder Weight 765g

- Dimension 160mm x 55mm(dia)