Timemore Crystal Plastic Dripper

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 Timemore Crystal Dripper 

Timemore's Crystal Eye‘s design leverages a concave overhead principle rather than the convex principle, which commonly found in most drippers; this makes the water running more smoothly when brewing. 

The smooth top portion of the dripper allows the filter paper to stick to the wall better, keeping your water within the filter. The ribbed design in the lower segment of the filter promotes a better flow as the filter is not stuck to the wall; this will result in a smoother brewing experience as it prevents clogging & over-extraction of the coffee.

This beauty looks great, and brews even better :) 

Design Features

  • A LEVEL: Filter paper and dripper promotes a tighter fit, allows you better control of the water-flow.
  • B LEVEL:Pouring water & brewing level 
  • C LEVEL:  "Grounds" level" 15 - 20g of your coffee sit here, the ribbed design allows the water to flow through easily, prevent clogging & over-extraction


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