Timemore Manual Coffee Grinder Chestnut C3 - Black

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Our trusty Timemore C2 grinder just got an upgrade!

Introducing - the new Timemore Chestnut C3 Manual Coffee Grinder; same compact, lightweight, and sleek design for ease of use and portability, but outfitted with new original patented S2C 660 burrs and steel dial.


  • Same durable stainless steel crank handle, driveshaft, and conical burrs

  • Stepless Grinding Adjustment - easy rotation of the dial from finer to coarser settings in almost half of the steps than C2 (espresso settings begin around 8 clicks backward from the start point)

  • Can be used¬†for everything from espresso to pour over to french press to cold brew.

  • Upgraded with new S2C (Spike to Cut) 38mm steel burrs adopted from the Chestnut X. This 2022 version has better cutting performance and consistency

  • Unique anti-slip texture +¬†ergonomically shaped crank handle = better grip, ease of motion and efficient grinding

  • Aluminum alloy body¬†(473g) makes for a handy and portable coffee grinder,¬† ¬†perfect for trips or camping adventures, but with sufficient capacity to make 1-2 cups to meet your daily caffeine needs


- Body: 147mm x 52mm
- Handle: 159mm
- Able to hold up to 25g of coffee

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