Timemore U French Press

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The Modern French Press 

Sleek & Minimal in design, primed for optimal brewing experience. The U French Press brews as good as it looks. 

The 450ml Borosilicate Glass carafe allows you to brew a good volume of coffee for you and a friend, without scalding yourself when kept in the high quality insulating sleeve. Apart from retaining heat, the sleeve is heat resistant, making it easy to handle when brewing.

The boys love how the carafe fits nicely inside the sleeve, and this reduces the chance of accidentally breaking / cracking the glass - we're broken a few presses unwillingly so this is a plus! 

Another neat thing about this press is the 0.35mm high density stainless steel mesh that ensures that your grounds stay down! The V shaped sprout, also ensure that when pouring, the coffee comes out steadily and does not create a mess.

Overall, the design and build quality of this french press allows an easy brew experience, and makes cleaning up a breeze. GO FOR IT!


Very Quickly...

1. Sleek design with optimal brewing experience 

2. 450ml carafe with heat resistant sleeve

3. 0.35mm high density mesh

4. V shaped sprout for tidy pouring

For an elevated brew experience, we highly recommend pairing this with

- Timemore C2 Coffee Grinder

- Timemore Black Mirror Weighing Scale 

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