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Roaster's observation: We have found that the optimal resting time is minimally 2 weeks for flavours to develop before consumption.

About the Farm/farmer

Edwin Fehrenbach is 75 years old and has been running his 17.5 hectare farm for 35 years. He named it "Sombras del Baru" because it sits in the shade of the tallest volcano in Panama, Volcan Baru. He has a total of 50,000 coffee trees with a mix of Catuai, Caturra, Geisha and Pacamara varieties. He employs 20 people in the area during harvest to achieve high quality standards, as well as to perform all weeding and maintenance by machete to respect the natural environment.

Creativa Coffee District

CCD is a group of forward-looking coffee creatives in the Chiriquí province in Boquete, Panama. They work with specialty coffee farmers in the same region and encourage them to let CCD take over the processing. By transforming a traditional wet mill and drying patio into a modern state-of-the-art processing facility, CCD pioneers unique processing methods that result in new coffee production standards, higher incomes for growers, and sustainable ecological practices.


Splash cherry fermentation is a unique process that undergoes a short anaerobic fermentation ensuring the coffee retains its natural flavour and aroma. Thereafter, expert craftsmen add a special blend of lactic acid bacteria to enhance the richness and complexity of the origin's terroir.


Ripe guava, passionfruit, white tea, soursop, kiwi, unripe strawberries, sticky sweetness as it cools.

Take note to lower your brew temperature and coarsen your grind size relative to a normal processed coffee. Anaerobics are more soluble and are easy to over extract.

Origin Name: Edwin Fehrenbach
Farm: Sombras del Baru
Varietal: Geisha
Processing: 49 hr aerobic, 14 hour anaerobic
Altitude: 1,450m 
Town / City: N/A
Region: Panama, Volcan Baru

Brew methods: V60, Kalita Wave, Moccamaster, Lili Dripper, Torch Mountain Dripper, Hand Brews, Kyoto Drip, Cold Brew.

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