Guatemala Finca El Platanillo

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If you have fond memories of our many Guatemala offerings from before - like the El Regalito and La Reforma, you are in for a treat with our latest medium roast. 

About the farm:

Finca El Platanillo boasts 347 hectares of coffee trees and native forests. Se√Īor Stuardo Coto and family manages this climate-friendly¬†farm and works hard daily to monitor and maintain the delicate balance between preserving natural ecosystems and producing excellent coffee. The farm is also the first few to receive the Rainforest Alliance certification since 2005. Seven natural springs provide the community in El Platantillo a fertile and well watered area to grow their own vegetables.

The Coto family strives to control the entire coffee farming process in order to achieve and maintain high production standards. In 1992, they opened their own dry mill to process and ship their own coffee. They have a quality control team led by Stuardo's son, Samuel who ensures that they consistently attain a high quality cup in the most cost effective manner. For their sustainability efforts to come full circle, they worked with Anacafe's social arm, Funcafe to create Bachillerato en Ciencias y Letras con Diplomado en Café, an educational program to teach students about coffee production, thus creating a talent ecosystem for graduates to work on their farm.

Contributing back to their community, El Platanillo built a grade school in 1978 to educate the children of their staff. In 2002, a new school boasting a fully functioning computer lab was built to service the community of surrounding farms as well.

Overall Notes: Juicy cup with a mouthful of green grapes and apples, notes of grapefruit and stone fruits with a finish of burnt sugar and cacao.

Roast level: Medium Roast

Brew Methods: Great for filter methods, especially Origami, V60, Kalita. Good on Aeropress and Delter, as well as on espresso and milk based drinks.

Origin Name: Guatemala Finca El Platanillo
Farm Owner:
Stuardo Coto and Family
Bourbon, Red and Yellow Icatu
Processing: Natural
1,450 metres above sea level
Town / City:
San Rafael Pie de la Cuesta

San Marcos, Guatemala

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Coffee is a seasonal product and we strive to provide you the best from what each region can provide and the taste profile may vary from time to time. Please note that the customer reviews may be referenced to past crops.

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