Konga Amederaro

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Grown in the notorious Yirgacheffe growing region, this coffee is produced by a collection of smallholders from the Amedararo town; or Kebele, as it is known in Ethiopia. This particular lot has been processed close by at the Konga washing station using one of their new experimental methods.

Amederaro is a name for the registered coffee produced by members of the Konga village. Coffee is a family crop‚Äďgrown by households within small gardens in this area. Producers line their homes with coffeetrees, and it is the primary source of income. It is common for producers to intercrop enset, the Ethiopian banana,in addition to avocados and papayas, to provide another source of food supply for the household.

Compost is collected and placed on the soils to maintain fertility. Producers in Ethiopia are diligent when it comes to organic farming methods. They are known as ‚Äėpassive organic,‚Äô meaning that the coffee produced is 100% organic, but not certified due to the high certification fees. These producers also rely on natural methods to prevent the spread of pests and disease since access to chemical inputs is limited.

In order to provide the ideal climate for the coffee, shade trees are planted which additionally contribute to the health of the overall ecosystem. Pruning is also an important component amongst these producers, whereby the top of the tree is cut, and the lower branches are removed to influence cherry production and maintain the health of the tree.


Wild berries, blood orange, green grapes with black tea and a long honey finish.

Origin Name: Yirgacheffe Konga Amederaro G1 Super Natural
Various smallholders from Gediyo zone
Local Landraces & JARC 74 selections
Processing: Super Natural
1,999 meters above sea level
Town / City:
Amederaro Kebele
Region: Yirgacheffe

Brew methods: V60, Kalita Wave, Moccamaster, Lili Dripper, Torch Mountain Dripper, Hand Brews, Kyoto Drip, Cold Brew.

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