Milky Way

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Overall: Apricot, cinnamon and stone fruit on blacks, milk chocolate with a hint of acidity on white

Roast level: Medium Dark

Our OG and highly popular Milky Way line was one of the first creations when we established our roasting business, and has evolved from its initial Guatemala & Ethiopian blend to several outstanding single-origins since.

True to its name, this coffee brings milk chocolate madness and nutty aromas to the table, and is excellent on espresso-based drinks with milk, but also enjoyable on multiple brew methods.

Current version: Papua New Guinea Namugo AX

Roughly 500 producers within the Roots network supplied the coffee for this Namugo lot. In the local Okpa language, Namugo means ‚Äėrainforest,‚Äô perhaps an indicator to where the coffee was grown. The producers growing coffee for this lot are located in more rural and less developed areas, lacking basic amenities such as education and health services. The network began working with PNG exporter Monpi to have better access to resources, markets, and improved prices for their coffee.¬†

Today, coffee quality has greatly improved, and the communities are thriving thanks to the support from Monpi with coffee production. As farming is conducted often with the use of just organic inputs due to the expensive nature of synthetic fertilisers, the Monpi Sustainable Management Services (SMS) sought to benefit from this, assisting producers in becoming certified Organic. As of 2020, 937 smallholder farms have been registered under Monpi’s coffee certification program. 

Varieties Typica and Bourbon have been farmed in Papua New Guinea since first being introduced during the colonial era. However, many producers today favour planting newer varieties such as Arusha, due to its resistance to disease and good cup quality. The SMS teams also helped old farms plagued by low yield capacity to rehabilitate most of their coffee trees to help improve productivity.

Origin Name: Papua New Guinea - Namugo AX
500 smallholder farmers; Roots Network
Typica, Arusha & Bourbon
Processing: Fully Washed
1,050 ‚Äď 2,033 metres above sea level
Town / City:
Goroka, Okapa district

Eastern Highlands Province

Brew methods: Espresso, milk based drinks, french press, cold brew 

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